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Building a House That Lasts

blog podcast Jan 03, 2021



Metaphors can move mental mountains. We are taking you on a mental mountain moving journey with a giant metaphor over the next five or so episodes.

But… This metaphor is a true story. It’s the story of Amie’s Family and the House on the Mountain. This is a house that we just bought from her mom and dad.

Synonyms for the word metaphor: figure of speech, figurative expression, image, trope, allegory, parable, analogy, comparison, symbol, emblem, word painting, word picture,

Parable of wise and foolish builders… Rain came down and floods rose up. The torrential rain burst against the house, and the house fell. BUT the house, built on a solid foundation, stood strong and tall.

Our mental mountain moving metaphor is called…

How to build a house that lasts!

So let the metaphor begin.

  1. If you want to build a house that lasts you have to start with a vision, a destination, a plan, and a place that you want to go....
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Jedi Training

blog podcast Dec 27, 2020

The secret to the Jedi way is the ability to choose to engage the power. What Jedi’s do with The Force determines who they are and what side they are on.

  • “For My Ally Is The Force, And A Powerful Ally It Is.” - Yoda
  • “I Am One With The Force; The Force Is With Me.” - Chirrut
  • “May The Force Be With You.” - Various

The type of life you live is determined by the power that is at work within you!

Ephesians 3:20

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within you.

There is always power working within you. What power is it? How do we tell the difference? The difference in the power source is the difference between a good day and a bad day or a good year and a bad year or a good life and a bad life.

  • The Force determines your future.
  • The Force that works within you determines the Future that will eventually find you.

Here are some things you need to know...

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How to NOT SUCK in 2021

blog podcast Dec 20, 2020

Simple Principles to Smack the Slack:

  1. Sign up for the next leg of the race.
    • If you got bucked off, get back on the horse.
    • Get back in the game.
    • Bring your best to what’s next.
  2. Get a clear picture for where you are going.
    • Get quiet space in the next couple of weeks away from hurry crowds and noise.
    • Listen to the inner whisper that is calling you forward.
    • Write down some key destinations in your spirit, health, relationships, money, mission.
  3. Check your track record for repetitive roadblocks.
    • Who is positioned around you?
      1. Taking your time
      2. Tripping you up
      3. Changing your moods
    • Look at your ROI on everything you do. Make sure you are investing / depositing into things that are bringing rewards.
    • Cut out whatever isn’t contributing
  4. Get practical on how you will get to where you are called to go!
    • Write down your Guardrails. The bumpers that keep you on the road you are called to go.
    • Get a teammate on the journey with you! You are not meant to do life...
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Bon Voyage

blog podcast Nov 15, 2020

Bon Voyage!! Good wishes on your journey!!!

"But, where am I going?" you might ask. You're leaving the land of the known to set sail on a brand new adventure…. If you have the courage to leave the shore.

In the last few podcast episodes we’ve talked about some key components you’ll need for the adventure.

  1. Some peace and quiet to hear from the Spirit on your next right step. Episode 8
  2. A regular Checkpoint process to make sure you are on the right track. Episode 9
  3. To know how to grieve leaving the old land and life in order to enter a new one. Episode 10
  4. How to identify safe people to bring closer to you. You need people. Episodes 11 and 12
  5. The importance of having a crew to help you make it through. Episode 13

You can go back and listen to these on our website, Apple Podcast, or Spotify.

In the depth of your heart, you know you were made for more. You were not created to live a mundane life of the same old same old. Wake,...

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Shhh - Be Quiet

blog podcast Oct 04, 2020

Have you ever had your sanity stolen by little nagging annoyances? Me too! 

You know what I mean right? 

When you are trying to sleep and the neighbors are cranking music or the rooster won’t quit crowing!  Or when you are trying to focus and your little sibling won’t quit bothering you. 

There are endless ways your sanity can be stolen. 

You have to guard it with serious tenacity!! 

Here's the secret, you’ve got to get into quiet space every day!  

Richard Foster once wrote, “Hurry, Crowds, and NOISE, are not of the devil, they are the devil.” 

You’ve got to learn to put the devil in check and you do this by protecting your quiet time. 

For many, you can’t protect the space you haven’t created yet. 

That means priority #1 is for you to create space in your life for quiet time! 

Quiet time, if used properly, has the ability to make you “independently...

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Born To Fly

blog podcast Sep 13, 2020

Ever feel like you were made for more, like you want to soar but you don’t know how?

We are constantly telling people “You were born to fly.” What we mean by this statement is there is a HUGE PURPOSE for your life. You have a calling. You were created for something specific, you just need to figure out what it is. All too often people stay stuck in misery. They stay in the same position too long and it starts to create a deep dissatisfaction with life. You were not meant to stay miserable, but if you stay too long where you are no longer called to be, misery is exactly where you’ll be.

Change isn’t easy, but it’s a requirement for life. The world is always changing, the weather is always changing, you are always changing too. It’s your choice, evolve and move with the changes or die! It may not be a physical death, it could simply be an emotional or spiritual death. Nevertheless, change is a must if you want to soar.

Here are...

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Get to the Root - Three MUSTs if you NEED Change

blog podcast Sep 06, 2020

Ep. 04 - Get to the Root

Ever feel like your life is a continual merry-go-round? You keep dealing with the same issue over and over again. You say things like,

“I’m gonna change!” “This time it will be different.” “I’m done with that.”

Then, surprise surprise, the very next day is the “same old same old.”

What’s the problem? Why does this happen? You genuinely want to change but for whatever reason you stay stuck in the rut. You don’t want to be an angry person anymore. Boom. Freak out session. You want to lose weight and quit binge eating at night. 10PM. Bring on the chips and beer. The relationship with your friend or significant other is tuff. No more being critical. Out pops the old nitpicker again.

The reason why you can’t change when you want to is because you don’t “get to the root.”

When the apple tastes nasty where is the real problem found? With the root, not the...

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Three Things You Need to Make HUGE Life Decisions!

blog podcast Aug 30, 2020

Story Time Part Two

What is a HUGE life decision?

Do I move?
Do I get married? 

Is it time to have a baby?
Do I stay with this job? 

Some people stay stuck in places they are no longer called to be, because they don’t have what it takes to make huge life decisions. If you don’t have these three things, you are on a fast course to being a miserable person. 

What is a miserable person? This is by no means a perfect definition, but it's certainly an off the cuff one. A miserable person doesn’t enjoy their life. At times, they don’t like what they do, where they are, or who they are there with. Sometimes misery creeps in slowly, other times it shows up like a bomb drop. One way or another… life is too short to live miserable. Therefore, we have to be willing to make HUGE LIFE DECISIONS quickly if we want to stay in the zone of loving our lives. 

Here are three things you need to be ready to make a HUGE decision in order to protect...

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