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Shhh - Be Quiet

blog podcast Oct 04, 2020

Have you ever had your sanity stolen by little nagging annoyances? Me too! 

You know what I mean right? 

When you are trying to sleep and the neighbors are cranking music or the rooster won’t quit crowing!  Or when you are trying to focus and your little sibling won’t quit bothering you. 

There are endless ways your sanity can be stolen. 

You have to guard it with serious tenacity!! 

Here's the secret, you’ve got to get into quiet space every day!  

Richard Foster once wrote, “Hurry, Crowds, and NOISE, are not of the devil, they are the devil.” 

You’ve got to learn to put the devil in check and you do this by protecting your quiet time. 

For many, you can’t protect the space you haven’t created yet. 

That means priority #1 is for you to create space in your life for quiet time! 

Quiet time, if used properly, has the ability to make you “independently sound” as a person. 

Drive the pillar into the ground and say, “That’s it. I’m protecting my sanity, I’m creating a quiet space.” 

Listen to the podcast today to learn the benefits of being an “Independently Sound” person.

Trust us. When you take this step, you will thank you, and everyone who has known you will eventually see a better, more sane, and sound you. #quietbenefits

AND make sure to listen to the end of the episode and find out how you can get a Traction Planner FREE! Yes, FREE! 

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