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How to NOT SUCK in 2021

blog podcast Dec 20, 2020

Simple Principles to Smack the Slack:

  1. Sign up for the next leg of the race.
    • If you got bucked off, get back on the horse.
    • Get back in the game.
    • Bring your best to what’s next.
  2. Get a clear picture for where you are going.
    • Get quiet space 🤐 in the next couple of weeks away from hurry crowds and noise.
    • Listen to the inner whisper that is calling you forward.
    • Write down some key destinations in your spirit, health, relationships, money, mission.
  3. Check your track record for repetitive roadblocks.
    • Who is positioned around you?
      1. Taking your time
      2. Tripping you up
      3. Changing your moods
    • Look at your ROI on everything you do. Make sure you are investing / depositing into things that are bringing rewards.
    • Cut out whatever isn’t contributing
  4. Get practical on how you will get to where you are called to go!
    • Write down your Guardrails. The bumpers that keep you on the road you are called to go.
    • Get a teammate on the journey with you! You are not meant to do life alone. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto
    • Check back in monthly with your plans for the year.

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