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Building a House That Lasts

blog podcast Jan 03, 2021
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Metaphors can move mental mountains. We are taking you on a mental mountain moving journey with a giant metaphor over the next five or so episodes.

But… This metaphor is a true story. It’s the story of Amie’s Family and the House on the Mountain. This is a house that we just bought from her mom and dad.

Synonyms for the word metaphor: figure of speech, figurative expression, image, trope, allegory, parable, analogy, comparison, symbol, emblem, word painting, word picture,

Parable of wise and foolish builders… Rain came down and floods rose up. The torrential rain burst against the house, and the house fell. BUT the house, built on a solid foundation, stood strong and tall.

Our mental mountain moving metaphor is called…

How to build a house that lasts!

So let the metaphor begin.

  1. If you want to build a house that lasts you have to start with a vision, a destination, a plan, and a place that you want to go. Amie’s dad, and mom, but mainly dad, had a huge vision of a place that he could raise his family. He didn’t want the hussle and bussle of the city. He wanted a remote place where they could have fun and learn some of life's greatest lessons. He also wanted to protect his beautiful daughters and keep them away from the boys in the town with bad intentions.
  2. Design the dream to fit the place you are going. -- In Alaska build an igloo. In the rainforest build a mud hut. In the mountains build a massive lodge.
  3. Start with the solid foundation.
  4. Take the extra time to get it done right. No shortcuts, no corner cutting.
  5. Family On Mission, Bring the family with you. Have a purpose.


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