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Born To Fly

blog podcast Sep 13, 2020

Ever feel like you were made for more, like you want to soar but you don’t know how?

We are constantly telling people “You were born to fly.” What we mean by this statement is there is a HUGE PURPOSE for your life. You have a calling. You were created for something specific, you just need to figure out what it is. All too often people stay stuck in misery. They stay in the same position too long and it starts to create a deep dissatisfaction with life. You were not meant to stay miserable, but if you stay too long where you are no longer called to be, misery is exactly where you’ll be.

Change isn’t easy, but it’s a requirement for life. The world is always changing, the weather is always changing, you are always changing too. It’s your choice, evolve and move with the changes or die! It may not be a physical death, it could simply be an emotional or spiritual death. Nevertheless, change is a must if you want to soar.

Here are three things you’ll need if you want to find your calling and make life count.

Accept the Challenge -- You’ve got to be serious about what you want. You have to take self improvement as a challenge. You have to believe that God has good plans for you. When you get it in your gut that you were made for more and you were made to soar, then you can accept anything less than all of what the Spirit has for you. This is an act of deep trust, commitment, and faith. Challenge Accepted!

Find Accountability -- We would all love to think that we will become the best version of ourselves by simply “holding ourselves accountable” but let's get real, that’s not normal. Yes, there are some super humans out there who can use their personal will power to make things happen without the accountability of others, but they are rare. Don’t risk it. Find the accountability and take action on your calling. That’s why people hire coaches. That’s why people train in the gym with other people. They are more likely to be motivated and actually achieve the results with support.

Stay the Course -- No Matter What! Don’t quit! Set your focus on your destination and start taking steps. The only way up the mountain is one step at a time. The only way to eat the elephant is one bit at a time. Take the next right step day after day. You’ll run into many challenges on the journey of transformation but when your mind is set on who you are called to be and what you are called to do, with the Spirits help you can overcome any obstacle, and become exactly who you are called to be.

When you are taking the steps in the right direction the journey is way more enjoyable!

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Made for more, made to soar! XO N+A

In this episode

This week's podcast features the first interview from our new podcast, "Born To Fly." In the interview, Neal and Amie talk with Kenny Haigler. Kenny has struggled to overcome obesity, depression, and anxiety. When Kenny finally committed to getting his life on track, he was able to achieve miraculous change through discipline and relentless spiritual seeking. Listen as Kenny shares each step of his heart wrenching, and captivating, journey. Fly on wings like eagles y’all.

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