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Ep. 02 - Story Time

podcast Aug 23, 2020

Getting to Know Neal and Amie

In this episode

  • Neal introduces the episode and talks about the house his great, great grandpa built in the 1920’s that Neal and Amie live in today.
  • Neal introduces Erik, and Erik briefly discusses his background
  • Neal discusses the Way Finder idea, and Neal and Amie’s mission to help others
  • Amie and Neal joke about Neal’s secret to getting your wife to clean the house
  • Amie, the queen of metaphors, flexes her metaphorical muscles
  • Amie begins discussing her background by diving into her childhood household and siblings
  • Amie recalls discovering that her mom was pregnant as a fifteen-year-old, the birth order theory, and Myers Briggs ENTJ - Commander Personality traits
  • Amie tells a funny story about cooking as newlyweds
  • Neal discusses Amie’s extraordinary childhood home hand built by Amie’s father
  • Amie talks about her mom and how Amie got her people skills from her
  • Amie recalls the importance of family to her...
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Ep. 01 - Another Chance

podcast Aug 23, 2020

Often, we are our biggest obstacle to forward progress.

In this episode

  • Neal and Amie Introduce the episode -- “Another Chance”
  • Neal discusses the origin of the “Way Finder” book
  • Who are Neal and Amie?
  • Pro’s and con’s of getting married early
  • Kids raising kids story
  • Happiness vs. Joy
  • Neal tells a joke - The programmer and the manager
  • Victim mentality, fear, and real vs. made up circumstances
  • Another chance and circus elephant allegory
  • You've been handed, by God, a machete and been placed in front of a rainforest.
  • Overcoming obstacles and the story of Amie discovering that Neal is a pastor
  • We help people find their call to make life count. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
  • Let Joy actually be in your journey, not just in the final destination
  • Jesus juice story
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Benefits of a FRESH START

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

 I was not alive, I was not thriving. I was physically alive but inwardly, not alive at all.

There was this change that happened in me, at certain points I’ll talk a lot about it, because it was a pivotal time of my life.

What happened was I began to really seek after God, my heart, my mind, my spirit was awakened. Literally, it was like I had a brand new beginning.

So then fast forward to now I get to enjoy the daily refreshment that comes through a FRESH START!  

Here are a couple of benefits we experience from the Fresh Start. 

1. You can give yourself a break! 

2. Your conscience is cleared! 

Here is what you need to do to continue in the Fresh Start

1. Lean on Gods grace found in Jesus today!  

2. Keep short accounts. 

3. Make a step plan!! 


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