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Benefits of a FRESH START

Mar 29, 2020

 I was not alive, I was not thriving. I was physically alive but inwardly, not alive at all.

There was this change that happened in me, at certain points I’ll talk a lot about it, because it was a pivotal time of my life.

What happened was I began to really seek after God, my heart, my mind, my spirit was awakened. Literally, it was like I had a brand new beginning.

So then fast forward to now I get to enjoy the daily refreshment that comes through a FRESH START!  

Here are a couple of benefits we experience from the Fresh Start. 

1. You can give yourself a break! 

2. Your conscience is cleared! 

Here is what you need to do to continue in the Fresh Start

1. Lean on Gods grace found in Jesus today!  

2. Keep short accounts. 

3. Make a step plan!! 



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