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Summer in the Son "What are you into?"

Season #4

Hey! Summers are made for soaking up the sun! Good times, bbq’s, river days, lake days, pool days, lazy days filled with people we love. Throwing on the flip flops, water socks, tank tops and swim suits enjoying life. My name is Neal Preston and my wife Amie and I have a mission of helping people find their call and make life count. I hope you know… life is meant to be enjoyed! For real. It’s meant to be enjoyed. You were not designed to be miserable! If we aren’t careful we end up consumed with misery and you know what they say… misery LOVES company! This series of episodes is called “Summer in the Son” We created this series to help you see that what you are into gets into you! We need to spend more time in the sun (son)! We need to open up the windows and let the light in, so the light can get into you. When you get into the light the light gets into you! If you’re into that, go to our website and check out some of the resources that will help you get into the light this summer. You can also follow us on social media, @NealAndAmie Let’s jump into today’s episode.