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Why America Needs Forgiveness

Jul 09, 2023
Asha Faith James
Why America Needs Forgiveness

Hi I’m Neal Preston. My wife, Amie and I, along with our three children Bradlie, Kaden, Quincie and an entourage of extended family and friends have dedicated ourselves to helping lost, hurting and broken people find their God-given calling and make life count. We do this through creating faith based resources that help people get their life on track through the power of the Holy Spirit. For more information and resources go to or follow us on social media @ Neal and Amie

Last week we aired a special fourth of July radio program called God Bless and Forgive America. We had some incredible feedback on this program. We received many messages from people encouraging us to continue to dive into this important topic. 

Today we are doing just that. 

We ALSO noticed there were a number of people who took a completely different approach to the subject of America needing forgiveness. They found it offensive, and did not acknowledge the fact that America has fallen from its roots in Christian values.  

We want to begin to address this issue head on today in a special follow up episode to God Bless and Forgive America. Why America needs to turn to Jesus.


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