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Ep. 02 - Story Time

podcast Aug 23, 2020

Getting to Know Neal and Amie

In this episode

  • Neal introduces the episode and talks about the house his great, great grandpa built in the 1920’s that Neal and Amie live in today.
  • Neal introduces Erik, and Erik briefly discusses his background
  • Neal discusses the Way Finder idea, and Neal and Amie’s mission to help others
  • Amie and Neal joke about Neal’s secret to getting your wife to clean the house
  • Amie, the queen of metaphors, flexes her metaphorical muscles
  • Amie begins discussing her background by diving into her childhood household and siblings
  • Amie recalls discovering that her mom was pregnant as a fifteen-year-old, the birth order theory, and Myers Briggs ENTJ - Commander Personality traits
  • Amie tells a funny story about cooking as newlyweds
  • Neal discusses Amie’s extraordinary childhood home hand built by Amie’s father
  • Amie talks about her mom and how Amie got her people skills from her
  • Amie recalls the importance of family to her mother and father, a retired master sergeant in the USMC.
  • Amie begins telling the story of her grandfather by recalling the experience of watching the movie Saving Private Ryan with her Papa, a veteran of three wars including World War II, and The Korean War.
  • Amie discusses the importance of considering what shaped a person before passing judgement. v
  • Amie recalls growing up with her USMC papa and tells the story of playing Marine camp with Papa and her siblings.
  • Amie tells the story of making a camera out of a Quaker Oatmeal box with her papa and getting started as a professional wedding photographer
  • Amie, Neal, and Erik reflect on Amie’s artistic skill and the remodel of the Ewings restaurant
  • Neal begins recalling his childhood and discusses how he and Amie both have pet allergies
  • Neal recalls, as a child, his mom and dad telling him they were going to be divorced and the subsequent sudden and dramatic changes in his life and personality
  • Neal tells the story of his life changing, turning point, “Head Shake,” moment as a college athlete who liked to party.
  • Neal tells the story of his grandfather, Larry Zabel, a famous, eccentric, hip painter who served as a combat photographer and artist in The Vietnam War and later became a successful western artist. Neal’s grandfather Larry Zabel was the subject of the 1968 film “A Point in Time” 
  • Neal, Amie, and Erik wrap up the show


A Point in Time (1968) – Larry V. Zabel, Combat Artist, Vietnam War


Birth Order Theory:


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