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#1 Reason people stay stuck is they do not know how to hear from the Spirit of God and take action by setting priorities and managing time around what they hear. 

This tool gives you...

  • a simple framework to pray through and write down the specific direction The Spirit is calling you to go
  • a clear biblical process for focusing on 5 Keys areas of life that will bring you joy if prioritized

1. The Spirit (God) 

2. Health 

3. Money 

4. People

5. Mission 

  • a clear vision for the month that is easy to remember and refer back to again and again

Here's the thing... if you don't put your priorities in biblical order and focus on following through on what you are called to do, struggle and misery are the result. When alignment happens you are set up for what are you called to do and you make your life count to it's fullest potential. 

Now is the time to make the shifts that will make you happy. 

Start the month on the path God has for you. This process will help you Find Your Call and Make Life Count! 

The wisdom of the wise keeps life ON TRACK but the foolishness of fools will land you in a ditch.     (Proverbs 14:8)

The Traction Planner is a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Tracking Tool with 3 MONTHLY built in Checkpoints!  

In a fast paced world, life is FULL of Distractions that hinder our progress. If we aren't careful those sneaky little side-tracks can end up costing time, money, and relationships. The Traction Planner was created to help you limit distractions so you can stay On Track with God's Good Plans for your life!   


""The Traction Planner is the most holistic tool I've come across! It combines personal development and spiritual growth in a practical, normal way, that fits into everyday life. The On Track Process is simple and reproducible, giving you a clear path to deepen relationships with God and the ones you love!""

Author of Relationships 101 and Pastor of New Life Church Bakersfield, California

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